Data journeys are sets of LENA services that will enable data transformation for your businesses and organizations


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    Data Governance

    A framework that helps data stakeholders of your organization identify and meet information needs

    Recommended for large companies who are adjusting to the New Normal

    Data Strategy

    Harness data to deliver the strategic priorities of your organization

    Recommended for large companies who are adjusting to the New Normal or SMEs who want to be highly innovative

    Predictive Modeling

    Anticipating customer responses, inventory needs, or sales opportunities through data models that forecast outcomes for your business

    Recommended for companies who have specific predictive modeling requests

    Data Analysis, Visualization or Reporting

    Dashboards and reports created in Tableau, Power BI, or custom web applications

    Recommended for Business or Business Segment/Process Owners who need better visualization or analytical capabilities

    Data Application or Systems Roadmap

    A system to manage specific data points such as inventory data, sales data, and others

    Recommended for SMEs or Large Companies with specific Machine Learning application requests

    Journey with data

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